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Plum Creek Art Center is the perfect place to get your art groove on!  Explore your creativity by signing up for our classes.  No experience necessary!  Check out our Upcoming Events page for more information.

A picture of our 1st community project is below!

Stay tuned for more information & pictures of our 2nd community project.


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ARTSCOOL 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm on Monday's

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FOR THE KID (in all of us!)



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ArtsCool Exhibit

January 2024 to March 2024


During the last year, the boys & girls that have attended ArtsCool were extremely busy. They learned about the painting and drawing techniques of several famous artists, like Peter Diem. Some of those techniques used different mediums and taught the students what properties each medium, such as chalk, paint, crayons,  to show the students what or how their projects would display to themselves and others. To celebrate their achievements, the Art Center held an exhibit displaying their talents and finished projects. A couple of students did a demonstration with paint and marbles to show family and friends how they accomplished one of their classes that was displayed. 
















Hard at work at the Stained Glass Flower Class -

Instructor Shari Harbert


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Thank you for taking Amber's watercolor class here at
Plum Creek Art.  We hope that you will join us again!!
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Look who appeared at several local parades this summer!! Thank you to all who helped make this possible!!
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Coming Soon - keep watching for new classes to be added under upcoming events!  Our events are listed on Facebook at Plum Creek Art or under Plum Creek Art Classes

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Ruford Book Signing

by the author & illustrator of "Ruford Visits the Farm"

Susan Lienau has released her sequel "Ruford Visits the Northwoods"


Do you remember Ruford when he was just a few months old?


Ruford has grown up and is adventurous, he wants to see more of the world!


Susan was at Plum Creek Art Center/Connie Mohr Gallery on

August 19, 2023 to sign copies of the Ruford

books you have purchased.


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Northeast Iowa Art Quilters




On August 6th, 2023 the Plum Creek Art Center/Connie Mohr Gallery hosted an artist reception for the Northeast Iowa Art Quilters. This is a quilters group that "LOVE" art in different dimensions. Their exhibit expresses their unique ideas, thoughts, colors and textures to show others that art is as unique as each of us.

The 5 members: Cheryl Mulder & Elaine Westin are from Fredericksburg; Marty Berda, Elgin: Mary Jean Blaisdell, Independence; and Maud Bentley, Rowley.

To see additional works of art by these quilters you can go to: www.facebook.com/northeastiowaartquilters

This exhibit was on display until September 17,2023.

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 Fredericksburg Painting Artists 

Walking into the classroom of the Art Center one day, I expressed that our exhibit area was bare, no color on the walls. Someone thought of the paintings at Upham Memorial Library. We asked the current librarian, Jackie Kush, if we could borrow the paintings for a few months until our next exhibit was ready to display, and she said gladly. So here we are......with some more facts about the painters of Fredericksburg.

Many residents didn't or don't know of our "artistic" background. Plum Creek Art Center/Connie Mohr Gallery was the brainchild of one of the 'Five' Fredericksburg artists, Connie Mohr. Connie was the leader of a group of painters who would get together and share their life stories of the past week(s) and cry or laugh about these stories as they were told. Yet, there were more 'painters' than just the original five ladies. 

On exhibit, till the end of December 2023 will be paintings from 'Fredericksburg's Five' plus additional artists that live or have lived in our quiet little town. The Plum Creek Art Council would like to invite you to come and see additional paintings from other artists in Fredericksburg. You just might be surprised to find out who are these other 'painters', students, teachers, housewives, ministers, etc.





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Mural ... come to Fredericksburg and check out our Mural ... It is  AMAZING!!!!

Painted by Dan Hatala and Dave Prehm

you can find the Mural on the east side of Westy's Hardware Hank building at the Corner of Main Street (US Hwy 18) and North Washington Avenue

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