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Bonnie Kuehner - Lawler, IA

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Natural Suds & Body was created after skin issues that were “caused” by continued use of commercial harsh products.  As the creator behind Natural Suds & Body, I have suffered from dry itchy skin, eczema and allergies. I continued to use commercial products that claimed, “for dry skin” “hydrating”, “glow”, “moisture locked in” and many others. After all the products I have tried, they either didn’t help or caused worse problems for my skin.

In 2018, I set out on a mission to find natural alternatives that benefit and help your skin and body. After long hours of research with trial and error, Natural Suds & Body was born. While researching, I found that everything around us is available and ready to be formulated into skincare products. NATURE is powerful. Many properties are hidden within plants. I have a huge Green Thumb. I am obsessed with planting and gardening. Most of the botanicals I use are home grown including rose petals, rose buds, apple blossoms, lavender, lilac, many herbs and spices, luffa sponge and vegetable purees.

The first product I created was natural soap and have expanded to leave on products. I have even started making soap trays. The skin is our largest organ and we need to take good care of it. Staying clear of extra chemicals and fillers is a gentle way of doing so. Many of the oils and butters I use are skin-loving. As I continue to research, my product line expands. I hope to help others that have similar values for their health and body.

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