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Diane Altman- Rock Rapids, IA

Anne Crawford- Cedar Falls, IA

Caroline Francis - Waterloo, IA

Born in Nevada and raised in Waterloo, Iowa, artist Caroline Francis began jewelry making in 2014 and founded Echo Jewelry + Gifts later that year. She incorporates glass painting, graphic design, metal stamping, wire wrapping and upcycling into her work. Her technique is self-taught, and her passion for jewelry making is young, but thriving.

Caroline loves the ever-expanding artist/creator community in Iowa and deeply appreciates being a small part of the artist community at Plum Creek Art Center. 

Suzan Farrell - Hawkeye, IA

After my retirement in 2008, I needed a new hobby to occupy my time when not traveling between Iowa and Texas. My neighbor, in Texas, at the time dabbled in jewelry making for fun and convinced me to try it. I did and caught the bug of jewelry making.

When we (my family) made the permanent move back to Iowa, I started jewelry making in earnest. I then decided to sell what I was making by selling at several county fairs, primarily in NE Iowa.

I primarily use the stringing method to make my jewelry pieces; necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Additionally, I like to make accessories for jewelry, i.e. travel bags, home organizers. On occasion, I have made stitched items using the peyote method as a new avenue of making jewelry. Wire working is an endeavor I have been thinking about to make, use and embellish gemstones and beads for my inventory. Designing a piece and working with color are two of the steps in making a piece along with the type of bead, i.e. gemstone, glass, clay, crystal and type of metals, i.e. silver, gold, sterling silver.

I have always been around color, texture, design, and experimentation throughout my years. I grew up in NE Iowa and served 32 years in the United States Army. The Army sent me to college for a degree in Food Science/Technology (a long way from making jewelry). I continue to try new “art”; painting, cutting glass, and working with fiber are some of those new personal endeavors.

Dennis Helmers - Charles City, IA

Robin Reisner - Fredericksburg, IA


Holly Hejlik/Foraged Curiosities - Tripoli, IA

Holly is a jewelry maker and artist currently residing in Tripoli. She has delved into several mediums throughout her life, but has most recently found a home in working with metal, bone, and secondhand and scavenged materials for her small jewelry and art business, Foraged Curiosities. Her inspiration is found in the woods, the prairies, and in the cycle of life, death, rebirth, and seasonal cycles - both internal and external.



Ken Schwickerath - Charles City, IA

Scott Smith - Fredericksburg, IA

Darryl & Delores Heiden – Onalaska, WI

We have always loved rock hounding.  From picking up rocks on the beach on our honeymoon 50 years ago to digging rough rock in various locations across the country, we are always amazed at the colorful, beautiful treasures that are found in God’s creation.

We began our handcrafted jewelry business, D & D’s Rock and Wire, in 2009.  Darryl is a lapidary; he cuts, shapes and hand-polishes rough rock into beautiful gemstones.  He also engages in silversmithing and particularly enjoys forging pieces from pure copper.  Delores began as a wire artist and expanded into silversmithing; she loves the art of hand fabricating delicate silver filigree.

In all our designs, we seek to create settings that enhance the beauty of natural gemstones without overpowering them.  We take pride in our work, and it’s a wonderful feeling to know our customers enjoy wearing our creations.

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