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Dolores Buchheit - St Lucas, IA

Dolores Buchheit is a rural area farmwife. She lives in St. Lucas, a little town in NE Iowa. She paints scenes she knows best; rolling hills, old barns that are disappearing, landscapes and the flowers from her large garden. Dolores’s love for nature has been instilled from early childhood and her vibrant paintings reflect her close association with nature in a lifetime of country living. Dolores works in all media. Oil is her favorite.

Dolores has been painting since 1970 and is basically self-taught. She has attended classes at nearby colleges and workshops on location for 40 years with noted artists.

Dolores is a consistent blue ribbon winner. Her paintings hang in public and private collections in many states and foreign countries. She also has a painting that hangs in USS IOWA.

  Andrew Wroble - Harpers Ferry, Iowa
Ink Wash / Brushed Ink Art
Andrew Wroble was born in 1952 in Casper, Wyoming and lived his early years in the central part of that state. Andrew's father worked in oil production which led the family to move between Wyoming, Nebraska, Illinois and finally to Iowa. After graduating high school and drafted into the United States Army, an opportunity arose to paint murals while he was stationed in Europe. Never having had any experience Andrew looked for guidance from an exhibition featuring Rembrandt brushed ink drawings. At that point he decided the technique and form of communication was what he most wanted to pursue in life. After his discharge from active service, Wroble took advantage of the GI Bill for study at The University of Iowa where he was exposed to drawing as a modern media.
Andrew is rooted in rural America. The primary subject in his work deals with trees and the air around them. To him they chart stories running parallel with human development. In his artistic travels Mr. Wroble formed a street theatre troupe in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Pesky Thoughts Theatre), designed architectural glass work in Singapore, modified a Montana ranch's calving season as performance art and hosted annual Art Car rallies in NE Iowa (Drive on the Edge), He demonstrates his work in art festivals, sells in gallery collections and readily accepts invitations from schools and groups to present as a Visiting Artist.

The ink I use is a transparent mixture of finely ground matter suspended in water. Value, tint, shade, and tone get manipulated by varying particle density in liquid. Commercial mixtures, called “India Ink”, are available with ready to use concentrations in both black and colored variants.

I start drawing by brushing or streaming washes of ink on paper. Most of this activity drifts toward unknowns. Liquids find a level as they are directed around and over embedded fibers that influence flow on the surface.  Some of the ink dries and bonds in place while the rest of the drawing remains wet. With the right timing understood I then flood clean water over the entire piece to remove any of the pigments that have not adhered. This additional transformation reveals the final marks, line, and context forming a completed work. 

Andrew and his wife live in NE Iowa on a certified American Tree Farm overlooking the Upper Mississippi River Valley where they have built and operate Point Of View Bed and Breakfast.



Bruce W. Litterer - Shell Rock,Iowa

Award winning Colored Pencil Artist, Bruce W. Litterer,  is a self-taught artist from Shell Rock, Iowa.

Working with Colored Pencils for the past seven years, he has seen the wonder of his art grow from childhood dreams to realities by bringing the drawings of rural Iowa farm life and wildlife into his art of today.

Bruce’s art is a blending of prisma colored pencils with odorless turpentine to create a watercolor background that is brought to each four to six layers of colored pencils on top of each other though out the drawing.


Ann McGregor - Charles City, IA

David Prehm - New Hampton, IA

Landscapes and figures may be the subject matter, but it is the play of paint on the surface that connects with the eye and then the heart.  "Put down your phones, pause... look and feel the beauty that surrounds us. The wonderful is often found in humble places."

"Mitakuye Oyasin"...an indigenous Native American prayer that stresses an interconnectedness with all life. We are all connected to the earth, water and each other. After many years of teaching and producing art I realize that my best art stems from strong connections. Experiences with family, friends, the out of doors and travels are all woven into the spiritual purpose for creating art. 

I am honored to have had a career in art, awards, solo exhibitions and many sales, but the greatest reward that one can receive is not of this world.

Nancy Scherer - Charles City, IA

Nancy Scherer, art educator and artist, has received several awards for her watercolor paintings. She volunteers at the Lighthouse Academy in Floyd, Iowa and the Carnegie Cultural Center in New Hampton, Iowa.

Pat Williams - Cedar Rapids, IA

Connie Mohr - Fredericksburg, IA

Connie Mohr, a lifelong artist, a 60 year resident of Fredericksburg, was the inspiration for Plum Creek Art Council formation. She was a respected member of the Iowa Watercolor Society and won many awards for her work. It is her love of art that guides the administration of activities at Plum Creek Art/Connie Mohr Gallery. Connie passed Away February 18, 2018. Her paintings remain available at the gallery.


Lori Bramley 


My love of painting began with porcelain art over 35 years ago. I have painted all manner of blank white china with flowers, fruit, birds, and scenes. I learned from several different teachers, seminars, and schools through the years. Each piece of china is painted and fired several times to achieve the depth of color and details desired. The firing process, in a kiln at approximately 1350 degrees, causes the mineral paints to fuse with the glaze making the piece dishwasher safe and microwave safe, except if gold is applied. First a design idea blossoms and then with brush in hand, a porcelain piece to be treasured, is created. I plan to share some of my porcelain art pieces for sale in the future. China painting is an everlasting art as it will not fade and dates back hundreds of years.

For now I am sharing my passion for watercolor. It was an easy transition to watercolor painting and I am fully embracing it. I love photographing flowers, nature, buildings, etc for future reference and inspiration for painting. I am constantly aware of the beauty in nature, interesting buildings, and all my surroundings. It is fascinating to note the play of light and the interesting shadows that it creates, making things ever changing through the day and the seasons. My dear mother and the wonderful ladies of our Iowa farm neighborhood taught me an appreciation and knowledge of flowers and plants.

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